About TriCo

Our first location was on Commerce Avenue in Woodland. Our building was a small commercial suite of about two thousand square feet. It was on a side street in a small industrial area, but off the beaten path. We were there as Trico for less than six months.

We moved to 145A East Street which is one of the main streets of Woodland. The old Tafoya Market Building increased our store and storage capacity three-fold, but not much in warehouse area, plus it was out of the industrial loop. This location provided a great place for us to grow and learn.

In December of 1999 we moved into our present building, which we built in the industrial side of Woodland on the main loop. The Woodland location is approximately 11,000 square feet under roof with a warehouse of 4,000 square feet and another 3,500 square feet to accommodate our cylinder filling stations of both liquid and high pressure cylinders.

To better service our customers, Trico fills tanks onsite with Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen, CO2, and Propane as well as many of the welding gas blends for TIG, MIG, Laser, and Plasma applications. We deliver daily to service all your welding supply and industrial gas needs. We are presently running three gas and supply delivery trucks out of this location.

The owners of Trico are Leroy Paulucci, Robert (Bob) Baker and Joseph (Joe) Knieriem. They have over 86 years of combined experience in the welding supply industry. The Trico partnership has been serving customers in the greater Sacramento, Yuba City and Yolo County area for over 16 years.

The Sacramento store is located at 8632 Elder Creek Rd. in Sacramento. It is a fully stocked store with many weekly specials and events, stop in to see Bob or Pat 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. We are very excited at this chance to expand into the Sacramento area. We hope this is one of many new store openings in the near future as we look to provide the best service to all our customers.